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Heat Pump Repair

Consolidate Costs with Heat Pump Repair Services from Action Heating & Air Conditioning

Homeowners living in moderate climates often utilize heat pumps in order to achieve reduced costs in comparison to using conventional forced air furnaces and air conditioners. While the majority of the heat pumps on the market today are exceptionally reliable, homeowners may experience issues with their systems freezing up and failing to produce heat or cooling among other problems. With that in mind, allow the team here at Action Heating & Air Conditioning to highlight some basic home maintenance procedures that homeowners can utilize on their own home equipment:

  • Heat Pump Isn’t Running

Call_submit200If the heat pump is not running at all, there is likely a problem with the home’s thermostat or the unit is not receiving power. Ensure that the thermostat is set to the proper setting first. Then, if the proper setting has been reached without a change in the condition of the heat pump, check the main electrical panel for the area for a tripped circuit. By flipping the circuit breaker off and then on, homeowners will discover if there is a problem with their electrical system because the circuit breaker will likely trip again immediately when the system turns on if an electrical issue is the cause.

  • Heat Pump is not Heating or Cooling Correctly

If you’ve become used a specific temperature of air coming from the system, and this temperature has changed, there may be a problem within the system. First, homeowners should ensure that their heat pump filters are clean and replace those that are not. Secondly, it’s imperative to check that room heating registers are open to allow air to circulate optimally. After taking these two steps without a change in the temperature of the air coming from the system, homeowners should clean the coils of their outside condensing unit to ensure the machine is in proper working condition.

  • Heat Pump Cycles Incorrectly

When a heat pump turns off and on frequently, there could be a problem with the unit overheating. Firstly, try replacing the first to see if that changes the cycling. The thermostat could also be a culprit for this type of issue. Re-calibrating the thermostat could help resolve the issue. When room temperature rises higher and drops lower than the temperature on the thermostat, homeowners may have an issue with the heat anticipator within the equipment.

Heat pump repair can be a difficult task for those that are not trained to work with the equipment. To save time and immediately improve a home environment, contact the team at Action Heating & Air Conditioning to book an appointment with one of our experts.

Cost effective repair solutions are now available to all Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, Clackamas, and Portland residents!

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