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Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair by Action Heating & Air Conditioning

Furnace Repair by Action Heating & Air Conditioning

Modern force air furnaces are usually built to be exceptionally reliable in the long-term. However, problems that do occur can not only become more costly when left over time but also potentially more dangerous to those within the home. It’s for this reason that the team here at Action Heating & Air Conditioning goes to great lengths to ensure that local area homeowners have a comprehensive understanding of furnace maintenance and repair.

Here are some of the most common issues that can be resolved with a little work by homeowners:

  • Pilot Light Is Not Functioning

Older furnace model furnaces that utilize gas and other combustible fuel have pilot lights. When a pilot light is not working on a unit, this is often a sign that the unit is clogged or the thermocouple may be loose inside. To clear clogged unit, poke a piece of wire through the area where the pilot flame normally burns. This will clear and loose ash or debris from the unit.

  • Furnace Does not Provide Optimal Heat

Call_submit200Most heating issues are caused by a problem with the home’s thermostat. Homeowners must ensure that the thermostat is set to the proper temperature first. If this has been ruled out, check to see that room heating registers are in the fully open position. Thirdly, check the filter on the furnace. If it’s clogged, replace it with a brand new filter immediately.

  • Furnace Flame Does Not Ignite

Due to the variety in furnace fueling styles, the lack of flame can be caused by different issues depending on the power source. When using gas-fueled furnaces, homeowners must ensure that the gas valve is in the on position at all times in order to provide power to heat the unit. Homeowners with oil burning furnaces should ensure that the oil supply is optimal for heating. Electric units that are not igniting must be switched off and on again to reset the ignition control module. Users with an electric unit should be able to hear a spark ignite if the unit is working optimally.

Complex equipment often requires the skilled expertise of a qualified technician. Homeowners that are uncomfortable in resolving their furnace issue alone, or have tried to resolve their issue without success can trust the team at Action Heating & Air Conditioning to quickly repair their furnace.

The company has years of experience in the field and will use this experience to help complete a successful, cost effective repair for clients across the Portland area.

To book your repair today, contact the team at Action Heating & Air Conditioning directly. Cost Effective repair solutions are now available to clients across Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, Clackamas, and the entire east side of Portland.

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