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Air Source Heat Pumps

Action Heating & Air ConditioningOffering Affordable Air Source Heat Pumps for Long-term Savings

To many, the idea that heat can be taken from outside air in winter and brought inside seems impossible. But that’s exactly how air source heat pumps operate. And these innovative home heating and cooling solutions are quickly become immensely popular in the Portland Metropolitan Area for both their affordability and the fact that they can save homeowners a considerable amount  of money on their home energy bills each year.

Each heat pump offered within the Action Heating & Air Conditioning catalogue comes replete with an EnergyGuide label, which displays the equipment’s heating and cooling efficiency.

Lower Energy Costs
Two-stage heating and cooling design operates on high only at peak times, delivering precise comfort while lowering energy usage and electric bills.

Advanced Comfort
The Comfort Control2 System actively keeps your home comfortable and your heat pump running smoothly through 32 performance-monitoring points when paired with a matching indoor component and thermostat.

Reliability and Durability
Solid construction ensures quiet operation, shields against environmental hazards and provides quality operation backed by a 10-year limited parts and conditional total unit replacement warranty.

Those that have the EnergyStar label have a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) than the standard models. This means that on average they are about 9% more efficient than the newest models available on the market and 20% more efficient than models currently in use across the country.

The team at Action Heating & Air Conditioning has the experience and the industry understanding to help clients across Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, Clackamas, and the entire Portland Metro area to select the ideal air source heat pump for their property. To learn more about these products and to find a solution for your home, call Action Heating at 503-805-7897 today.

Cost effective energy solutions are now available for every type of property!

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