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Eight Zone Ductless System

Elevate your expectations and get more out of your home’s indoor comfort system performance

Are you looking for the ability to control your home’s heating and cooling system room by room? Your Daikin dealer can to help you achieve control with a system tailored to your home. You can have control over individual rooms with a quality and energy-efficient ductless heat pump system. Daikin has designed and engineered ductless heat pumps to provide years of consistent heating and cooling – delivering you and your family reliable Comfort for Life.

Impressive performance

Daikin Ductless Heat PumpFocusing to improve comfort in your  home, Daikin has developed products designed to get the most from technology and to help use energy resources more effectively. Homeowners looking to use ductless systems in multiple rooms can look to Daikin’s flexible individual zone control. Connecting up to 8 indoor units to a single outdoor unit reduces space required for installation and costs while delivering comfort and energy savings. Choose from three types of indoor units with various capacities. Action Heating, your local D3 Daikin Dealer, will help you select from Daikin’s Multi-Split Systems that allow you to mix and match combinations to create the perfect system for you.

Smart inverter technology

By incorporating an inverter with variable-speed, Daikin’s 2 – 8 zone system delivers the capacity required to maintain consistent room conditions, typically reducing energy consumption by 30% or more (compared to traditional fixed-speed ducted systems). This technology reduces temperature fluctuations and more even cooling and heating in your home.

Zoned comfort control

Like many homeowners you may have had to deal with different temperature requirements from room to room. Action Heating and Cooling can help you save energy and control temperatures independently in up to 8 separate zones with a Daikin single outdoor unit. In order to accommodate your home’s design, Daikin has made available wall-mounted, concealed slim-duct, and ceiling cassette indoor options, these systems offer multiple indoor unit styles.
Daikin MXS Series Heat Pump

  • Energy Efficient – Up to 19.5 SEER, 11.3 HSPF and 12.6 EER for ultra-efficient cooling and heating operation and exceptional savings on utility bills compared to conventional lower-efficiency systems.
  • Tax Credit and Rebate Qualification – May qualify for federal tax credits, local rebates and utility incentives.
  • Advanced Filtration – long life, washable filters help trap microscopic particles, decompose odors and reduce bacteria, viruses and mold.
  • Wireless Control – Hand held remote features an LCD screen with backlit display, Econo Mode, Powerful Mode, and more.
  • Ideal solution for:
    • Entire homes or floors of homes
    • Multiple zones
    • New construction
    • Primary living areas (master bedrooms and living rooms
    • Basements

Daikin brand ductless systems are designed to maintain indoor comfort and energy-efficient operation with plenty of options.

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