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Ruud Air Conditioning


As a leading HVAC contractor in Portland, we are proud to offer RUUD air conditioning equipment. We believe it’s the best in the business!

ruud-logo-2Nobody does it better than RUUD! Superior to all others, with an extremely high customer rating. RUUD is truly a step up in design, technology and efficiency.

Enjoy the comfort of a home cooled by RUUD air conditioning equipment.

  • Well-known for Quality
  • Quality Policy
  • Wide Range of air conditioning and cooling equipment
  • Readily available
  • World-Class customer support

Why Action Heating & Air Conditioning Relies on RUUD Air Conditioners in Portland

At Action Heating & Air Conditioning, we take pride in offering the best service and pricing on the finest products in the area, which is why we carry one of the widest selections of RUUD air conditioners in Portland. Our certified installers have years of experience implementing and servicing RUUD equipment, a name that has become synonymous with quality and longevity, and their line of furnaces and air conditioners is truly second to none.

Proven Energy Efficiency

RUUD air conditioners in Portland, like all AC units throughout the country, are each given a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. The higher the SEER, the more efficiently the equipment operates. While many standard air conditioners today carry minimum SEER numbers of 13, RUUD manufactures units with SEERs of 18, ensuring that you aren’t wasting money on inefficient equipment.

You May Not Even Notice RUUD Air Conditioners in Portland

You don’t want to sacrifice the look of your home just to be comfortable in the summer months. That’s why RUUD offers the lowest profile design in the industry. With some units topping out at a maximum height of just 33 inches, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of RUUD’s superior engineering without having to accommodate large, bulky equipment.

What’s more, by integrating specially designed compressor sound blankets, RUUD units provide whisper-quiet operation. With sound ratings as low as 71 dB, comparable to a standard kitchen dishwasher, you won’t have to worry about a noisy air conditioner distracting you from those sunny summer afternoons.

What You Will See Is Thoughtful Design

RUUD understands that their units will be on display outside your home, regardless of their diminutive size, so they’ve engineered their cabinets to be among the most attractive and durable in the industry. RUUD air conditioners in Portland come with louvered wrap-around casings, galvanized steel cabinets, and steel reinforced top grilles, powder coated for exemplary weather resistance. Maintenance is a breeze with all controls easily accessible through conveniently placed access panels.

Take a Closer Look…

For an in-depth look at how RUUD heating and cooling systems work, take our virtual product tour.

Want to learn more about why Action Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the top providers of RUUD air conditioners in Portland? Need help selecting the right HVAC equipment for your particular application? Our account representatives are available to answer your questions at 503-805-7897, or feel free to use our convenient contact form.

Take a look inside…

inside Ruud air conditioningWant to learn more about how your home’s

heating and cooling system operates? Take the

interactive Ruud Virtual Home Comfort Tour.

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