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    Interested in greater temperture control, contact us and learn how!


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    Saving money and energy with the Ruud Ultra Series Gas Furnace.

    Experience reliability for years to come while also saving money and energy with the Ruud U96V Ultra Series Gas Furnace. This high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR® qualified series is engineered

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    Advanced technology for life’s simple comforts.


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    Homeowners! Become a “DesignStar”


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    Custom your New Home Central Heating and Air Conditioning system


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    All calculations are estimates based on best available information and your input.


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    Base the system to your specific lifestyle and preferences.


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    Use DesignStar to Calculate Your Energy Savings Now


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    Home Owners! Become a “DesignStar”




Looking for a reliable heating and air conditioning contractor? Call ACTION.

We’ve got the perfect plan for you – all season, every season. Whether you’re servicing your existing heating and cooling system, or shopping for something new, we’ve got an Action Plan for you.

contact-usDid you know that regular furnace and air conditioning maintenance could save actually you money? Just as a car needs an oil change and the occasional tune-up, your furnace and AC unit will run more efficiently and last longer with regular filter changes and scheduled maintenance. We’re here to help you build a strong plan of action, so you’re always a step ahead of the seasons.

As a worker-owned company, we won’t sell you expensive heating and cooling systems you don’t need. Our goal is to earn your trust. We’d never sell you equipment we wouldn’t use ourselves.

That’s why we only sell Ruud products. Superior to all others, with an extremely high customer rating, Ruud is truly a step up in design, technology and efficiency, and we wouldn’t sell anything else.

We’re not your average AC contractor. Highly recommended by builders, we’re a small company with a big work ethic. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and know how important it is to properly size and match the right HVAC equipment to the right environment to save you money and time.

Looking for a new heating or cooling unit, or need to have your current unit serviced? Call Us @ 503.805.7897.  We’ve got an Action Plan for Every Season.

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